Nnamdi Kanu Condemns Those Protesting For End SARs

Nnamdi Kanu Condemns Those Protesting For End SARs


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For a week protest has been going on in Nigeria after members of the SARS squad (special anti-robbery squad) killed a young man and took his car in Ugheli in Delta State.Followed with other intimidations from innocent civilians in the name of searching for criminals and internet cyber crime popularly known as Yahoo guys .Their pressure on youths and the indigenous people of Nigeria is becoming too alarming .

The incident generated a lot of reactions from Nigerians both young and old, rich and poor, etc.

Political activist, celebrities and prominent Nigerians are protesting in the streets of Lagos and Abuja for the federal government to end SARS and police brutality.

The leader of indigenous people of Biafra by Name Nnamdi Kanu  has condemned those protesting for the end SARS brutality.

According to Nnamdi Kanu, “he said Ending SARS is not the problem of this Zoo country ,that if the masses should led any protest it should be directly going to our president Buhari that he is the peptrator of all that is happening today .He also said;”When I said that Buhari is a Jubril people keep doubting but according to the present happening many are convinced that our so called leader isn’t behaving like a Nigerian that wants good thing for his country . Nnamdi Kanu end his talk with “End Buhari governance and reform SARS .Buhari is the reason behind the killings in Nigeria ,where in Northern side did you hear of SARS disturbing or causing commotion if SARS exist at all in North .Less be wise enough to see what this old man is doing to us.